Cuisine De Provence – Culinary Instructor Spotlight at Spice Box


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Jackie Quintero, a Hospitality Management senior at the U of I, joins us with a preview of the upcoming Spice Box dinner: Cuisine De Provence – Culinary Instructor Spotlight.

Here’s more from the Spice Box:

This meal is themed around Provence, France. The menu has been developed by the two culinary instructors that we have working in the Hospitality Management program. Chef Jonny Davidson and Carter Phillips put the menu together. It’s really something special. We’re all excited to see their skill on display.

The food of Provence, a beautiful region in southeast France near the Mediterranean Sea, resembles more closely the sumptuous cuisine of Italy.

Jackie is featuring the meals dessert which features fresh handmade citrus macarons. They’re incredible!

Cuisine De Provence – Culinary Instructor Spotlight
Call 217-333-6520
Online: Https://Go.Aces.Illinois.Edu/Spiceboxreservations
Half Hour Time Slots:
5, 5:30, 6, 6:30, 7:00, And 7:30 P.M

French Macarons
Yield 20
3 each shell egg whites only
1/4 tsp cream of tartar
1.9 ounces granulated sugar
5.4 ounces powdered confectioner sugar
2.6 ounces Almond Flour
3.8 ounces unsalted butter
3.3 ounces orange marmalade or other fruit jam
1 pinch sea salt

Directions for Shells:
Using a stand mixer with the whisk attachment, beat egg whites until foamy, then add salt, cream of tartar, and white sugar for 8-10 minutes. Whip until they form a peak that stands upright.
In a large bowl mix together almond flour and powdered sugar. Sift mixture, leaving large lumps of almond flour to the side. Keep sifting the larger lumps of almond flour until they are as small as possible.
Fold flour/sugar mixture into the egg white mixture. With a spatula, gently fold mixtures together approximately 70 times.
Transfer batter to a ziploc bag with a very small amount of the corner removed.
Spray sheet pans with non-stick spray liberally before placing parchment paper on tray.
Pipe out rounds on the pre-traced template on parchment paper.
Tap the 2-3 times to release air bubbles.
Let them sit out for 20-30 minutes on a speed rack until “tacky” to the touch.
Preheat oven to 300 degrees bake for 11 minutes, rotating the pan half through cooking.

In a stand mixer with the paddle attachment, combine soft butter, marmalade and pinch of salt.
Scrape down sides and mix together once more.
Transfer to ziploc bag with small corner trimmed off
When marcarons are cooled, pipe 0.2 ounces of filling on half the shells.
Place another shell on top and gently “sandwich” together.

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