Cooking Up A Storm: Almond Corn Chowder


Corn Chowder is one of the classic Fall meals to have, especially as temperatures drop. Traditionally, corn chowder is a thick and hearty stew, but this one has a much lighter flavor that complements the corn and veggies very well, thanks to almond milk!


8 slices thick cut smoked bacon, chopped
1 cup diced yellow onion
4 cups frozen whole corn kernels
3 cups diced potatoes
1 cup diced carrots (2 medium carrots)
1 cup diced celery (2 medium stalks)
4 cups Almond-milk
2 bay leaves
1 tsp salt
3/4 tsp marjoram
3 tbsp cornstarch

1. Cook the bacon strips until crisp.  Transfer the bacon to the side and reserve the bacon drippings.
2. Cook the onion in the bacon drippings until tender, about 4-5 minutes
3. Add the corn, potatoes, carrot, celery, cooked onion and half of the chopped bacon to the crock-pot.   Pour the almond milk over the mixture, and add the spices.  Stir gently to mix.
4. Cover and cook low and slow for 6 hours until the potatoes are fork tender
5. In a small bowl, mix 1/2 cup of the broth with corn starch.  Add to the crock-pot to help it thicken.  Cook for 30 minutes.
6. Remove the bay leaves and lightly mash the potatoes to thicken the soup more.

1. Season to taste with salt, bacon, cheese and other desired topping
2. Serve with a sandwich or some toast for dipping

1. For extra flavor, sautee your onions in the bacon grease in the pan.  If you don’t have time, it’s okay to just dump in your onions raw.
2. Use 3.5 cups of milk/cream to substitute for almond milk.  If you want to keep it lighter, opt for skim or 2%.  A heavier cream will make this soup more thick.
3.  Add an extra cup of almond milk at the end if you need too.  Sometimes the broth will cook down a bit more.  You can also skip the corn starch if your soup is thick enough.

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