Coaching your business through COVID-19 with LM Thomas Group


Right now, the most frequent question from business owners is, “How do we keep moving our businesses forward with all the uncertainty from COVID?” Uncertainty – like the kind we are experiencing from the slow-motion crisis that is the pandemic – fundamentally drains energy, and causes the human brain to fog up.

Neuroscientists tell us that when we are emotionally elevated – like when we are anxious or angry, for instance – we actually operate from a very reactive part of our brain that doesn’t do well with logical reasoning.

When LM Thomas Group comes in to help business leaders trying to figure out a way forward amidst COVID, they do two things: First, deal with their own emotional response to the pandemic, so they can start to think more clearly. Second, develop plans, process, marketing approaches, and leadership techniques to help them go forward intentionally amidst the crisis, rather than just freezing up or flailing around.

What does LM Thomas Group solve?

They resolve business frustrations brought about by crisis – internal or external. They resolve business frustrations brought about by long-term ways of operating that don’t get the job done the way leaders want. And they help make sure the customer experience someone has with your business is the best it can be, every time.

LM Thomas Group offers a variety of seminars on different areas of change management and leadership development. Recently, they completed a series of YouTube videos that describe the five different types of leaders in a crisis. The series talks about how we can change our mindsets and habits to move toward better outcomes in a crisis.


We are offering 0% financing, 6 months same as cash, with a $500 down payment for services through 31 July 2020. We want to make sure that business owners get the help they need now, without pinching cash flow further than it already is due to the pandemic.

L M Thomas Group, 2920 Valley Brook Drive, Champaign, IL 61822

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