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Caden Harris, 13-Year-Old Financial Prodigy, Graduates High School and Embarks on a Mission to Inspire Future Financial Leaders

Caden Harris, the extraordinary 13-year-old financial phenom, has achieved an incredible milestone by graduating from high school at a remarkably young age. This momentous occasion marks the beginning of a more ambitious chapter in Caden’s journey, where he is driven by a mission to positively impact the lives of 500,000 kids through comprehensive financial literacy education.

Caden’s unwavering commitment to this mission has already left an indelible mark, having empowered and educated 50,000 children about the principles of sound financial management. His unique approach involves the utilization of his mobile financial literacy bus, a vibrant and dynamic classroom on wheels, bringing financial education directly to schools and communities.

With his high school graduation, Caden now sets his sights on a new inspiring endeavor: traveling across the nation, visiting schools, and mentoring the next generation of budding entrepreneurs and financial leaders. Through engaging workshops, interactive sessions, and his charismatic presence, Caden aims to instill invaluable financial knowledge and leadership skills in young minds.

Caden’s story serves as an extraordinary source of inspiration, proving that age is no obstacle to making a profound difference in the world. As he continues to share his expertise and fervor for financial literacy, he embodies the spirit of empowerment, aiming to shape a brighter and financially-savvy future for children nationwide.

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Caden Harris, at the age of 13, is a financial prodigy with a mission to empower 500,000 kids with essential financial literacy knowledge. Graduating from high school at a young age, Caden has already impacted 50,000 children and is committed to inspiring the next generation of financial leaders and entrepreneurs through school visits, engaging workshops, and his innovative mobile financial literacy bus.

13-Year-Old Prodigy Caden Harris Shines as CEO, Speaker, and Financial Educator

– Caden Harris, a remarkable 13-year-old entrepreneur, CEO, and financial literacy advocate, is making waves in the world of business and education. With an inspiring journey that has seen him achieve astonishing feats, Caden is redefining what it means to be a young CEO.

Caden’s journey began when he watched his company at age 7 years of age. His parents found it important to teach him soft skills at an early age where he began taking his first Toastmasters class at the young age of seven. Caden was recently featured on an episode of “Big RV Remix,” now streaming on Hulu. His star power didn’t stop there. He achieved a remarkable milestone by raising $50,000 in just under two months, demonstrating his unwavering dedication to transforming his financial literacy vision into reality.

The centerpiece of his remarkable journey is the purchase and retrofitting of his very own Financial Learning Bus, an innovative mobile classroom that empowers children with financial knowledge. This unique concept showcases Caden’s determination to provide accessible financial education to young minds.

Caden’s influence extends beyond his mobile classroom. He has shared his insights as a speaker for major corporations, including Disney, Microsoft, Allstate, and Cummins. His captivating presence and knack for simplifying financial concepts have landed him appearances on numerous local, national, and global media platforms, including Asia TV.

At the heart of Caden’s accomplishments is his commitment to teaching kids about money. His financial literacy courses, books, and flashcards are equipping children across the country with essential financial tools, enabling them to understand earning, saving, budgeting, and financial principles from an early age.

“I believe that financial education should be fun and accessible to every child,” says Caden. “My mission is to empower kids with the knowledge and skills they need to make wise financial decisions.”

Caden’s dedication and success have not gone unnoticed. He holds the distinction of being the youngest keynote speaker in Disney history at the Disney Dreamers Academy. His business, recognized for its transformative impact, has been featured in notable publications such as Fox 5, NBC, and Black Enterprise.


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