Potomac, Ill. (WCIA)

Tim Dippon, Veteran Outreach Coordinator, shares with us the work he’s doing to help veterans in the community.

Gateway Family Services strives to help humans heal by learning how to build healthy connections with a specific horse and then carry those principles in to their daily human relationships.

Trauma Focused Equine Assisted Psycho Therapy (former participant/present co-facilitator)
Veterans Recovery (3 + years sobriety from illegal drugs and alcohol)
We work with horses to learn and practice HEALTHY connections
We use regulating techniques to promote calm decision making and upper level brain thinking

We do a lot more than just therapeutic riding. We do ground work, we talk about principals and fundamentals. Things like connection through both attachment and detachment. We learn how to make appropriate requests of the horse. We explain the importance of not damaging relationships beyond repair. That is ok to set boundaries, have needs, and feelings. Our hope is that the Veterans will build a genuine relationship with an equine and then carry the principals learned in to their relationships with others humans.

We have Fall In Friday weekly. It’s free and it takes place from 9-11 AM.

We are currently selling raffle tickets for a Duck Race we will host at the end of May. Race day is Friday May 26th. (weather permitting)
The proceeds will fund a Day Camp for Veterans that will focus on self care. Think REST, RELAX, REFUEL. Contact Tim@gatewayfamilyservices.org

We know many Veterans are selfless humans that tend to serve and protect. Our goal is to encourage them to take care of themselves also. Ya can’t pour into others if your glass is empty. We’ve done these camps with other groups and it is a real fun day.

http://HorsesHelpingVeteransHeal.org; http://gatewayfamilyservices.org; https://amlegion203il.org/mission-k9-warrior

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