URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) – Everyone wants to feel appreciated. Especially, at your job and people who work in a school deserve some extra recognition. Which is exactly what the Urbana School District is doing.

Starting this month, anyone who works in the Urbana school district, whether you’re a teacher, administrator, or cafeteria worker, everyone gets a discount card.

“I mean when you get a little discount card that’s exclusive. I know I get excited when I’m going, you know, like when I have sales and so on. So we send out an email to all staff last week saying that you know, we’re titling it ‘Teach for Urbana.’ However, really it’s available for any staff member. We consider all of our staff members, teachers of some sort to our kids,” Angi Franklin, the assistant superintendent of Human Resources, said. “And so people are excited and asking about the cards and you know, we have parents saying, well, can I get a card and we’re like, nope, you have to work at our being us. So we’re excited to see what we can do to get people volunteering and working in our schools.”

It’s a new program they’re calling teach for Urbana.

So how did they come up with this idea? Well, they wanted a way they could support their staff and in return support the Urbana community.

“I think it’s really important because it builds a sense of community around kind of the whole package for businesses. So, not only is it important to support our schools, but it’s also really important to support our Urbana businesses because that’s our tax base and that’s what brings money into our schools. Ultimately, whether or not it’s helping to pay for new buildings, helping to pay for staff members to be able to support our kids. And so they’re all connected, and we want to be able to support our Urbana businesses so that people are able to live and have a good livelihood and do what they love,” Franklin said.

So if you’re walking through Urbana and you see an Urbana school district sign in a business window. That’s your sign, literally.

“We are going to recognize Urbana businesses that signed up to be on our September promotion, and they’re going to have a nice poster. We’re giving them that we hope that they’ll display in their business or the window of their business so that they can show that they partner with the district. And so these posters are going to be pretty special that you have to kind of partner with us in order to get one. So we’re hoping that that draws some attention and vibe to that,” she said.

And it’s something they plan to continue for years to come.

“We just want to do something. So our staff members are really supporting our Urbana businesses and that our Urbana businesses are in return supporting our staff members,” she said.

The fun part is that every month there will be different and new discounts. This month there are discounts for places like Bohemia, Wright Soapery, Ricks bakery and cafe, and more. But next month who knows what will be available.