Urbana, Ill. (WCIA)

The Champaign County Historical Archives is hosting a speaker from the Road Scholar Speaker Bureau, Thursday April 7, 6-7 pm on Zoom.

Anyone interested in attending can register on The Urbana Free Library’s website or Facebook page.
The Road Scholar Speakers Bureau sponsors free speakers from all over the state, on a variety of topics, for libraries, museums, and all types of non-profits.

Jeanne Schultz Angel is giving a talk on the history of women’s suffrage in Illinois.
She is the Director of Learning Experiences & Historical Resources for the Naper Settlement in Naperville.
The lecture will include the history of suffrage of all women, Ida B. Wells, and the diverse group of activists that fought for the vote.

I have one more point to add to the list and some images that can be shared with it.
From CCHA’s collection: IL legalized women’s right to vote in 1913. Local women’s first chance to vote was on whether or not $10,000 of bonds should be sold to build The Urbana Free Library in 1914. These images are of two newspaper articles about the first vote, and the original Urbana Free Library that was built after the vote. They weren’t allowed to vote on all political offices, but this was a step towards full suffrage.