Tribe Rocks USA: 1,000+ find joy and healing through painted ‘remembugs’


Longview, Ill. (WCIA)

ciLiving Storyteller, Erin Valle, shares the story of how a local woman’s project is bringing joy and healing to people across America.

In fact, it connected two Central Illinois women. Brenda Lambert and Angel McNear were introduced after Brenda came into contact with a special painted rock or ‘remembug.’ The ladybug was made in honor of Angel’s son, Jimmy.

Brenda has taken Jimmy’s ‘remembug’ on multiple trips, celebrated holidays with it as well as Jimmy’s birthday, and shared the experiences online for Angel to see.

Storyteller Erin Valle was there when the two women met for the first time in downtown Champaign.

If you’d like to have a “remembug” painted, join the Tribe Rocks USA Facebook page and add your name to the list posted every Sunday at 6pm.

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