Champaign, Ill. (WCIA)

Stay safe in your training:
• Do land on the midsole of your foot when you run or walk.
• Do not land on your heels. Landing on your midsole allows your muscles to catch the weight of your body and reduces the impact on bones and joints.
• Do wear socks that wick moisture. Blisters can be limited by moisture control.
• Do find a good running shoe that is comfortable and fits your feet properly. In many cases, retailers that sell running shoes will offer fittings to help you find the right pair of shoes to fit your needs.
• Do not wear a pair of brand-new shoes on race day.
• Do practice good hygiene and take care of your feet after your run. To avoid infections like athlete’s foot, take off your sweaty socks and shoes and give your feet a good scrub.
• Most important – do listen to your body, when it’s time to stop or when it is time to seek medical attention.

Christie Clinic Illinois Race Weekend is April 28-30, 2022