Champaign, Ill. (WCIA)

LK Events is known for planning and designing high end, luxury weddings and events. We have created a planning experience that is as thorough as it is seamless, bringing a customized and tailored planning experience to those who value the art of hosting, and desire to create an approachable, detail rich, timeless wedding celebration.

We are managing and executing the most important day of our clients’ lives. Months even years go into the planning process and our clients put their faith and trust in us to bring their vision and their dreams to life!

We help our clients plan and design their wedding. We provide an unparalleled level of personalized service and attention to detail, allowing us to fully understand the intricacies of what makes your relationship unique to you as a couple, and limit our bookings to ensure we are able to uphold our incredibly high standards of service.

We get asked all kinds of questions! Our job is to educate and guide our clients through the planning process, provide them with realistic expectations when it comes to budgeting and planning and set them up for success.

We solve all kinds of situations but to us, they are never problems. Things often come up during the planning process that we have to navigate – budget constraints, capacity situations, accommodation and transportation logistics, a worldwide pandemic! All things we deal with on a daily basis and situations we hope to solve before they ever become a problem!

LK Events offers unparalleled service to our limited selection of clients. We have an extensive planning process that involves creating a unique, timeless, and detail rich wedding celebration for our clients.

We consider the many facets of our clients’ relationship, personality, and style to build the perfect team of exceptional creatives and vendor partners to bring the wedding dreams to life. We consider the big picture along with every meaningful detail – from what time the sun will set and how that impacts the first look timing, to the signature cocktail that they experienced on their first vacation together. Every detail is important to us, because every detail is important to them.

When the heart of the celebration begins to take shape, the creation of a multi-page creative brief is produced, where the vision for every last detail of your wedding is presented. We conceptualize every unique detail and create an experience our clients and their guests remember forever.

Lauren Knuepfer Rozum
LK Events
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