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Friendsgiving is a term used to describe a Thanksgiving celebration among friends, typically consisting of a potluck-style meal shared among a group of close friends or chosen family.” It’s more of a casual feel vs. fancy.

The key here is not to overcomplicate – you already likely have a big Thanksgiving meal coming up, so no need to pull off a 10-hour cooking and baking extravaganza for this. As the host you also want to set expectations and structure for how the event will go.” Share one big hosting tip that will revolutionize how you pull off this event.

Tips for a fun Friendsgiving:
Send out invites
Assign food courses to guests to avoid overlap
Create food station: Plugs/warming trays
Designate drink station
Prepare for leftovers
Have sitting & socializing areas
Ambiance: Music, fireplace

Friendsgiving is a festive time to display your favorite serving ware and bake ware.

An ice-breaker activity or one at the table is a great way to get people talking.” Will mention a Gratitude Game – go around and share one story about another person at the table that made you thankful for them in the past year.

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