Champaign, Ill. (WCIA)

We are really in the heart of summer/warm weather right now so homeowners are looking at ways to stay cool. What can homeowners do to keep cooler – without blasting the AC.

Feldco gets that question a lot this time of year, especially as people are trying to keep their electric bills down. One thing they like to suggest to keep the warm outside where it belongs is black out curtains. By keeping them closed when the sun is brightest – you can really block out some of those strong, hot rays.

What else can you do?
Sometimes running a kitchen fan or bathroom fan can help keep air circulating. Of course room fans can help too but don’t forget about your home’s built in fans. Something else I tell homeowners is try to open some windows at night. Evening air is typically cooler – so it’s a good opportunity to let some cooler air inside to lower your home’s temperature. Keep safety in mind of course – may be better for 2nd story windows.

Are any of Feldco’s products designed to help combat the heat?
Absolutely – our windows are designed especially for the Midwest – and the hot summers/cold winters we experience here.

What about your windows does that?
First I’d mention the low-e glass – it’s an invisible coating that helps reflect heat while still allowing light to filter in. Low E glass results in lower energy consumption and a more comfortable home.

Anything else?
Yes, the argon gas we have between our window panes prevents the warm outside air from entering your home – again, keeping you more comfortable and lower AC bills this summer.

And we could all use some lower bills right now.

So – if our viewers want to replace their windows, or siding/doors/roofing for that matter – do you have any specials right now?
We sure do! It’s buy one window, get one free. And for our roofing and siding – 3 years no interest!!!

Those sound like some great deals! And remind folks how to contact you for a free in home estimate?
Visit us at or call us at 866-4FELDCO.