Piatt County, Ill. (WCIA)

In the spirit of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, The Kirby Foundation is gearing up for their annual initiative, Paint Piatt Pink, with an inspiring fervor. With the esteemed Sarah Ross, Director of Development at The Kirby Foundation, and Sara Wells, the Multisite Rural Health Clinic Director at Kirby Medical Group, spearheading the effort, this year’s campaign aims to make an even bigger impact in the Piatt County community.

With an exciting 2023 Paint Piatt Pink Raffle already underway, the mission is to raise $10,000 to benefit breast cancer awareness in Piatt County. The impact of these funds will be significant. They will not only contribute to spreading awareness and promoting early detection but also ensure that crucial support is extended to those in need of symptomatic mammograms. The initiative also endeavors to enhance the comfort of the mammography process through the provision of Bella Blankets protective coverlets to patients. Furthermore, the campaign continues to provide comfort items to those undergoing the challenging journey of chemotherapy treatments.

What started as a humble annual campaign has now blossomed into a community-wide endeavor. Last year, the collective effort of the community resulted in a staggering $14,000 raised, showcasing the incredible power of collective action and compassion. This year, with the ambitious goal of $10,000 set for the raffle, the team at The Kirby Foundation is counting on the continued support and enthusiasm of the community to make this vision a reality.

Join the mission to Paint Piatt Pink this October and be a part of the positive change that this initiative is striving to create.

To learn more and contribute to this meaningful cause, visit The Kirby Foundation’s Paint Piatt Pink page and be a part of this incredible journey.