Champaign, Ill. (WCIA)

We’re checking out Jumbo Crab in Champaign.

Here’s more from Jumbo Crab:

Jumbo Crab now open in Champaign.

We use our own hands to eat seafood, that started out on the east coast. Now that has become the new Americanized hand crafted seafood. Our very first store is located at Tinley Park. We control the cooking time for the seafood to make sure the food is juicy and tender, especially with our home made seasoning to make seafood even better. Now, new Jumbo crab joins our Champaign community and Bollingbrook location opening soon.

We bring a new way to eat seafood, we always have customers ask us why we’re eating with our hands. I always tell them when you come here you need to be WILD, use your hands and have a big bite. We open thedoor for you to a new world!

Join us for Happy Hour Menu (up to 50%off ) Mon -Fri 2pm-5pm

Jumbo Crab
2028 N Prospect Ave ,Champaign ,IL 61822