Champaign, Ill. (WCIA)

As we wind down the summer, we leave behind the picnic tables and take our places at tailgate parties—but also indoors at restaurants and dinner parties, too. Here with some tips for making sure we mind our dining etiquette no matter how formal or informal the occasion, is Mister Manners himself, Thomas P. Farley.

Don’t let your manners take a tailspin because you are at a tailgate. Manners still matter even before and after the big game. Among his tips:

•Bring plenty of food to share with others; be generous

•Don’t scavenge….let other people offer you food from their stash before taking any

•Carry in, carry out. Don’t contribute to the parking lot looking like a twister just swept through. Be sure to dispose of your trash responsibly and if the bins are overflowing, take your garbage home and throw it out there.