Start-up company Airscout monitors crop health from sky


We know that the Illinois crop season is running a bit behind this summer due to a rainy spring. However, a start-up company called Airscout is taking to the sky in attempt to give farmers a heads-up on their field’s conditions.

Airscout’s Chief Operating Officer, Bob Coverdill, spoke with ciLiving Storyteller, Erin Valle, about the imagery and thermal maps captured by Airscout pilots. These maps can detect hot and cold spots down to a fraction of a degree on fields and farms. Coverdill says knowing the temperature variations of the crop is key to understanding where stress problems in the field are.

“The ability to walk through your fields has almost entirely disappeared….so what we feel this aerial imagery does is give farmers that virtual walk through of their field.” says Coverdill.

If you’d like to learn more about the services Airscout provides you can visit the website HERE

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