Spoonful of Easy is a women’s lifestyle blog focusing on making women’s lives easier with the easiest and best fashion, recipes and product recommendations. 
Carissa Nelson, Founder, shares a great cake perfect for tailgating and a little fashion advice!

Here’s more about Carissa:

I went live with my blog four months ago and have been focused on creating great content my readers will love. A lot of people find the concept of “blogger” interesting — what do I do for posts, how do I choose content, how do I take my pictures? I also provide social media marketing consulting to small businesses.

My site is all about the lowest effort with the biggest results. I post fashion reviews to make shopping more streamlined, easy go-to recipes that involve easy to find ingredients that are simple to put together. I try to take the work out of the “what’s for dinner?” or “where can I find the best jeggings?” to make my readers’ lives a little easier.

I’m all about easy and my site combines a lot of areas of women’s lives: recipes, fashion, kid gear. Instead of just focusing on one area, I try to focus on “easy” across a lot of categories.

I would love for viewers to head over to my site www.spoonfulofeasy.com. If they sign up for emails, they’ll get my free guide of three things I do with every receipt to save money. I’m also on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook under @spoonfulofeasy.

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