Urbana, Ill. (WCIA)

We’re a unique and interesting operation. We are a non-profit urban vegetable farm that was started by St. Matthew Lutheran Church to help address food insecurity in our community. We grow 50 different vegetables, 125 different varieties and follow organic practices. We donate at least 20% of our harvest to the food bank, soup kitchens and free markets and sell the rest through our CSA vegetable subscription program, farmers markets and to grocery stores, restaurants and caterers. In partnership with our local health departmenta and the Urbana School District we have started a district-wide Farm to School Program. And in partnership with Cunningham Township, Urbana Park District and Channing Murray Foundation, we run a community wide gardening for good program.

We aim to grow high quality nutritious food that is accessible and affordable to everyone. We provide food production and preparation education for people of all walks of life through educational programming as well as on-the-job training. We follow regenerative, sustainable and organic growing practices and want to teach and train others in these techniques. And in everything we do, we aim to build community. We recently purchased 29 acres and are in a major farm expansion mode in order to better feed and serve our community.

Sola Gratia Farm is a non-profit urban vegetable farm dedicated to feeding our community and expanding access to fresh, healthy, and organically grown produce.
Founded in 2012 as a ministry of St. Matthew Lutheran Church, Sola Gratia Farm was established to share our gifts with the hungry, be good stewards of the earth, and build a community of cooperation and care.
Our staff, volunteers, and board of directors are committed to carrying out our mission through these core principles:
Sola Gratia Farm employs sustainable farming production methods that focus on growing an abundance of nutritious, delicious fruits and vegetables, while enhancing soil structure and biology and helping to build a community that values high quality, locally grown food.
Sola Gratia Farm committed to helping those who lack adequate food resources by donating a minimum of 10% of its produce to support regional hunger programs.
Sola Gratia Farm encourages community involvement in the farm, not just through community supported agriculture (CSA) membership, but through volunteer opportunities, special events and educational programming.
Sola Gratia is committed to building a community of cooperation and care through donations, events, camps, classroom visits, educational workshops, job training programs, farm to school programs, and partnerships with community organizations.

Get involved with Sola Gratia Farm!
Champaign Farmers Market every Tuesday 3-6p
Urbana Market at the Square every Saturday 7a-12p
June 10, 1-3p: Volunteer workday
June 11, 4p: Yoga on the Farm
July 22, 4p: Walktails! A community farm tour with locally inspired mocktails

Sola Gratia Farm
2200 Philo Rd.
Urbana, IL 61802