Small steps now lead to big moves later with Barbell Chix

Get Moving: Chix

Chix in Training trainer, Michelle, heads up both the Savoy Chix and Barbell Chix and is here today to get us moving!

-Barbell Chix is starting a new session on 1/10, one or two spots open for new lifters, check out Facebook page “Barbell Chix” for more or to send a message about signing up.

In Barbell Chix, we take progression to heart and respect the process. Small steps lead to big moves later. And when the movements are correct, the risk of injury is significantly less!

Learning to squat starts at a high box. Movements are practiced until they can be repeated reliably, then we start the process again holding a weight, then again, without weight, at a low box. Then at a low box with a weight, etc. The bar is earned with good movement patterns, and when that squat looks good, we start adding weight to the bar.

The process leads to progress. And eventually, to big lifts!

Savoy Chix
-Sliders work for all levels of fitness–modifcations ALWAYS available!
-We’ll also be using other equipment in camp–the Savoy Rec Center has a track, gym, dumbbells, jump ropes, steps, all sorts of fun stuff
-We will be discussing food and making goals for ourselves–food challenges each week
-Still time to join the fun! Sign up online at, click on Savoy under the Bootcamps tab.

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