Joliet, Ill. (WCIA)

• Every few minutes, an underground utility line is unintentionally damaged, which can result in critical service outages, costly repairs, personal injury and even death
o You can avoid damaging utility lines and prevent injury by contacting JULIE a minimum of 2 business days before you plan to dig
• JULIE has been protecting Illinois communities for over 45 years by providing a notification service where homeowners can request to have buried utility lines on their property in the area of their proposed excavation located and marked for free
• Since its inception in 1974, JULIE has logged over 36 million calls
• JULIE does not actually come out and mark the lines, member utility companies provide that service
• When you see colored flags or paint marks in the yard or on public property, they show approximately where underground utility lines are buried
• It’s your responsibility to contact JULIE before you dig a minimum of 2 business days before you plan to dig. Every Project. Every Time.
• JULIE is a free service

• JULIE helps people who are planting, building, adding, or fixing anything outdoors stay safe by providing a free service where they can request to have underground utility lines marked
• Knowing what’s below allows the person digging to avoid accidentally striking a line and:
o Avoid service interruptions
o Save time and money
o Protect their families, their neighbors and themselves
• JULIE is an acronym…discuss what is stands for (Joint Utility Locating Information for Excavators)
• Anyone digging is required by law to contact JULIE at least two business days before they start digging but not more than 14 days
o Submit an E-Request online at
o Call 811
o Call 800-892-0123
o You can submit a locate request 24/7/365
o Weekends and JULIE recognized holidays are not considered business days when scheduling
o If you want to start a project over the weekend, contact JULIE before 4pm Wednesday
• What kinds of projects require you to contact JULIE before you dig?
• Planting, building, adding, or fixing anything outdoors
• Every project. Every time. Even if digging in the same spot

• Demonstration will be showing the markings in the yard and explaining what the flags and marks represent
• Discuss pre-marking, a way to provide the locators more specific knowledge about where on your property you plan to do the work and lets them focus on just those areas
• What do the flag colors stand for? Run through each color
• Discuss tolerance zone 18″ on either side of the line or pipe (utility) plus the diameter of the line or pipe itself
• Five steps to safe digging:
o Identify the dig area
o Submit a request
o Wait for the flags or markings
o Respect the markings
o Dig with care

• There really is no other organization that does the same thing as JULIE in the state, though each state has it’s own 811 notification system
• JULIE does not cover the City of Chicago but it does cover the entire rest of the state

• April is National Safe Digging Month
• This statewide public safety and education campaign strives to increase awareness of the importance of contacting JULIE before you dig
• The goal of National Safe Digging Month is to reduce the risk of striking underground utilities and causing environmental or property damage or personal injury

811 or 800-892-0123
3275 Executive Drive
Joliet, IL 60431