Our Town Covington: Home Economics Teacher in 49th Year Has No Plans to Retire


A lot has changed in Covington since Carolyn Davis moved to town to begin a teaching career 49 years ago. However, thanks to her, the person at the helm of the Family and Consumer Sciences program (formerly known as Home Economics) hasn’t changed. 

Davis has dedicated her life to teaching students how to cook, sew, and raise a family. It is a passion that has led her to continue teaching students at Covington High School at a time in her life when others may have decided to retire. 

“I look at it this way, this is my life. I feel like I am a part of the kids lives and the community and I have something to add. I think I have something to give to these kids they are going to use even though I am preparing them for a world that I don’t know what is going to be like.” says Davis. 
While many of the fundamentals of teaching have remained the same, Davis has seen a large shift in who she teaches skills two. For the first decade of her career, only girls were allowed to take her classes, today it is a near even split between boys and girls. In addition, technology has changed the way she is able to teach students. 
Ms. Davis says she is looking forward to beginning her 50th year of teaching in the fall. 

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