“No Fear Fermenting” with Delight Flower Farm


Champaign, Ill (WCIA)

At Delight Flower Farm, the day might be ending, but farm educator, Kaitie Adams, is leading a fermentation class that’s just getting started.

“Fermentation is something that not only celebrates the hard label of farmers, but also encourages us to actively engage in the food that we’re eating,” Adams said. “So we’re building health both in our bodies, in the soil, and in our communities in general.”

The class– titled “No Fear Fermentation”— is one of many workshops at Delight Flower Farm. Adams says it’s “a way to introduce folks to the magical, medicinal properties of salt, water, and vegetables.”

Fermentation doesn’t just keep produce fresh and snappy for months, it encourages good bacterial growth that aids in digestion and gut health.

“In modern society we don’t have a lot of diverse gut flora and bacteria and we’re actually losing it at rapid rates,” Adams said. “What fermented food does is it re-colonizes all this really good bacteria into our gut.”

Adams recommends mixing non-chlorinated water with either sea salt or non-iodized salt and then adding that concoction to fruits, vegetables, eggs, or meat. You can pretty much ferment anything, including flowers.

As part of the class, students had the opportunity to pick fresh, edible flowers from Delight Flower Farm and add them to their jars. Owner Maggie Taylor said her workshops are meant to help people not only engage with the natural world, but learn how to do new things for themselves.

“I think people come to a workshop and are often surprised at how easy it is to make something they ususally buy, so that’s a really interesting way in which we educate people,” Taylor said.

For upcoming workshops at Delight Flower Farm click HERE.

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