Urbana, Ill. (WCIA)

In today’s Furever Family segment, we have some groundbreaking news from the University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Rachel Rivenburg, DVM shares the details of an innovative clinical trial that could change the way we approach amputations in pets.

Limb amputations in pets can be necessary for various reasons, from accidents to cancer treatment. Fortunately, many pets continue to lead happy lives after the procedure. Rivenburg’s trial aims to enhance the process by comparing the use of monopolar electrosurgery (the current standard) with an ultrasonic scalpel for muscle tissue dissection.

This is the first clinical trial in veterinary medicine to compare these two methods. In human medicine, the use of ultrasonic scalpels in orthopedic surgeries has become more prevalent, and this study could pave the way for a similar shift in veterinary practices.

The trial will evaluate pain levels, tissue damage, surgical time, blood loss, and surgeons’ perceptions of the two approaches. Rivenburg’s motivation comes from her desire to specialize in surgical oncology, where limb amputations are a common procedure.

If you have a dog facing a limb amputation or know someone who does, consider reaching out to the U of I Veterinary Teaching Hospital to see if they can participate in this groundbreaking trial. More information can be found at vetmed.illinois.edu/research/clinical-trials/.