Mattoon, Ill. (WCIA)

Remote workers, those who have the option of working from home, has increased from 5 million prior to the pandemic to over 40 million and climbing. Our goal is to capture some of this momentum and have Mattoon become a home base for these higher salary positions.

Alex Benishek, our Community Development Associate with Mattoon In Motion, and the Chamber have partnered with and created an incentive package to match the other 70 municipalities that are vying for these workers. Our goal is to start with relocating five new families to Mattoon this year and then increasing the opportunities from there. Alex has also created a new website which highlights what Mattoon has to offer for people interested in moving to our community. We welcome everyone to log into these sites and encourage those who have moved away to larger cities, working remotely and want to live in a safe, inviting environment with a much lower cost of living!

The Chamber and Alex are working on innovative ways to increase economic development and recruitment of families and workforce to Mattoon.