Loman-Ray Offers Association Ins. Plans


Giving individuals and businesses insurance options and simplifying the process to meet their needs when it comes to all areas of their insurance is a main area of importance for our company. Grouping like risks when it comes to health insurance through the creation/implementation of associations for these groups is one of the areas in which Loman-Ray excels. I have found that most individuals and business groups that we get in front of and are surprised with the rich plan options and premium savings that they have access to with the Loman-Ray Associations.


We like to advise individuals and businesses in regard totheir insurance coverages. Specifically, the Professional Association is aimedat giving businesses that qualify health plans that reduce their exposure and reduce their premium in a wide network. We are uniquely set up as an agency to assist with all areas of insurance in relation to your business to ultimately round out the accounts.

The Professional Healthcare Association for professionals is a way for small to mid-size local businesses in a handful of industries (such as banking, legal practice, accounting firms, architects, and computer and data processing services) to be able to buy into a group health plan. These plans are mostly unattainable by themselves. The buying power of the association bands all the small businesses together to give them the benefit of buying insurance as a group.


Loman-Ray is one of a few agencies that offers an association plan and the large group platform for these eight occupations.

For more information please go to: https://lomanray.com

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