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Matt and Heather talk to Susan Bane about fitness classes.

Susan instructs classes in both Zumba and yoga at the Champaign Fitness Center. Susan says that yoga is made for everyone. There are many different types of yoga, some are more athletic, some more gentle and meditative in nature. Most classes have many facets though. There is always a focus on the breath and centering oneself physically, mentally, emotionally and, if desired in a spiritual way. Do not be intimidated by the athleticism that you might see in some yoga classes. True yoga has no competitive aspect. There are yoga practices out there such as Ashtanga that will give a participant a more athletic, fast paced, yet mindful way to practice if that is what a person wants. However, there are many other variations of yoga that have a slower pace, giving the participant more processing time to be more mindful about movements and the way the movements feel in their body. Some types of yoga have a more playful approach such as Rocket yoga, some types have a movement flow such as Vinyasa yoga, some types of yoga are very serious. Many instructors conduct classes that have elements of the different types of movement.

For more information, please visit their website at http://fitcen.com/.

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