Light-filled Mornings with Caitlin McCoy


Caitlin McCoy, writer & creator of Light-filled Mornings, shares how you can make your morning routine be the best part of your day.

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A journalist with a love of photography, inspiring stories, coffee, and barre, Caitlin McCoy knew she wanted to do something fun that incorporated all of her loves, so she made time each morning to make space for herself, tune in, and receive those intuitive nudges that led her well, here. Caitlin realized the best parts of her days were when the light was coming in just right in her kitchen nook… the world seemed brighter, lighter, and fun… and she was connected with everything she loved in the world. Light-filled mornings came to mind and she threw herself into it; she is currently writing a book about Light-filled Mornings (no publish date currently) and blogging, interviewing women in the community about how they spend their mornings to make their day the best yet.

I help people create morning routines that they love while sharing inspiring stories of others who are figuring it out, one morning at a time, as all of us are. 
Taking time not to hurry and hustle and experience the stress that causes is really important. People consistently ask: “I get up and have just enough time to roll out of bed, shower, and run out with my hair wet to work. How can I be a morning person?” 
People should know there’s another, better, more easy, gentle, fun way to get the most out of your mornings—and your life. By taking time to be filled up in the morning before you start your outward-facing day. And that can look different to different people, but with Light-filled Mornings, ideal mornings usually hit on three segments: (1) Cozy (2) Movement (3) and/or Inspired.

There’s a lot of talk about the perfect morning routine—but the problem with this is, there is no one perfect morning routine that’s a one-size-fits-all-never-change-it fix. There’s also a lot of focus on what you “should” be doing, which can create frustration and guilt. 
Light-filled Mornings is different in that the person that decides what’s best for your morning is you; no should-ing involved. It’s a light, fun way to improve your mornings—and your life.

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