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Caitlin McCoy, Founder of Light-Filled Mornings, is back with tips on how you can start your day right!

Here’s more from Caitlin:

I am all about morning routines—and finding what works best for you!

There is a lot of advice out there of all the things you can (and “should”) do to start your day. It seems like there’s so much advice out there, people want you to do 45 things before you’ve made breakfast—so you just give up and stick to the old routine of rolling out of bed, hurriedly brushing your teeth and getting a shower, before rushing to work. But there’s a better way: starting your day, finding joy, with Light-filled Mornings. The ideal light-filled morning falls into one of three categories: Cozy / Movement / and Inspired. In my upcoming book, I’ll walk readers through how to find the elements from each of these categories to build a morning routine that they love that inspires joy for the rest of their day, and life.

I would love to give viewers a simple journal exercise to start to find out what their ideal morning could look like:

There is something so freeing in solitude. Awake before everyone else, or even just in your own corner of a room—in your own world you’ve made space for. It’s when we’ve made the breathing room to be alone that we can most easily see that we’re all connected.

And so this morning, let’s start with a breath of connection; today, connection to yourself.

Take a deep breath in and hold for five counts. Let that deep breath all the way out.
Let’s go again. In for five… out for five.

And now: take out a trusted journal, scribble on this page, type out in Word, or just quietly think to yourself.

When was the last time I felt pure, unbridled joy?

When was the last time I felt completely free?

Let those questions sit with you. And then, see what you can bring into this morning—yes, right now—that feels like that.

My first book, “Hello, Morning: Capturing Thirty Days of Light-filled Mornings” is coming out in early 2020—it will become part of reader’s morning routines for thirty days, as each day for 30 days, they’ll read a little section and do whatever activity (or non-activity) they feel is best suited for them within the prompts. It’s surprising how much your life can change when you spend a little time on yourself in the morning.

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