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Sarah is an accomplished content creator, director and producer for television, film and the web. Known for blending high-gloss visuals with uncompromising depth, Sarah’s soulful storytelling connects audiences to the everyday struggles and successes of her subjects. Her skillful storytelling skills shines through in this latest project, County Fair, taking an indie film and human first approach in telling the story of an American pastime.

Sarah can speak to the filmmaking process, from the creation of an idea to editing everything into a final cohesive narrative.

Sarah on her original inspiration for the film: “My mom was an agricultural reporter for The News-Gazette. When we were young, she took my twin sister and I with her when she covered the county fair. Over the years, we got to know the people from all aspects of the fair. I had the idea of revisiting the fair and trying to somehow document the warm and wonderful aspects of what the fair is and what it represents. The people who visit the fair rarely think about the people who put so much of themselves into this kind of event. So County Fair is really meant to shine a light on their lives. The film also highlights the importance of fairs and a bit of their history, but the focus really is on the people and their love for what they do and its importance in their lives.”

In this case, Illinois Public Media is in a unique position to bring a hyper local focus/story to a larger audience (potentially even throughout the PBS system) through documentary filmmaking.

County Fair will premiere on WILL-TV Monday, June 13 at 8pm. It will be available to stream after the fact on the PBS Video app. It will also re-air Sunday (June 19) afternoon.

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