I-Tick Study Conducted with University of Illinois


Between 1990 and 2013, the number of reported cases of human illness from the four most common tick-borne diseases in Illinois went up ten-fold.
Most common tick-borne diseases (TBDs) in Illinois:
Lyme disease, spread by deer ticks
Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, spread by dog ticks
Ehrilichia, spread by Lone Star ticks
(tie) Anaplasmosis, by deer ticks
Illinois Tick Inventory Collaboration Network (I-TICK) is a study designed to gather information about where and when people in Illinois encounter ticks that carry diseases. It has 3 components:
I-TICK Kits. 
Individuals in Illinois who work outside on a regular basis have logged the number of ticks they found on themselves during a set of work days and sent the actual ticks for ID and testing. 
* 36 hubs throughout IL 
* 905 tick collection kits have been distributed to the hubs 
* 97 kits have been returned:  approximately 660 adult or nymphal ticks!

This is still in process!
Systematic Collections:

We carry out systematic collection of ticks every two weeks in select locations.  These are identified and then tested for pathogens.

Special Collections:

 We perform targeted collections in parts of the state where particular illnesses are an issue.

Still seeking participants in Dog Study 
Contact I-TICK coordinator:  Lee Ann Lyons:  leelyons@illinois.edu

Connect with the College of Veterinary Medicine HERE.

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