Champaign, Ill. (WCIA)

Mike Tozer, LCPC is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor with 35 years of clinical experience. He works at the Two Roads Wellness, University Ave. location and takes a strength-based approach to counseling.

Mike shares tips on how to approach talking to your children when faced with challenging and scary times as with the latest school shooting in Tennessee.

  1. Talk to children about schools are safe places-Don’t ignore or leave up to school
  2. Make sure there are safety plans and drills practiced in school-Talk to them at home
  3. Make conversations developmentally appropriate
  4. Monitor emotional states-yours and childs
  5. If your or child is having trouble coping-excessive worry, avoidance of school, behavioral changes seek help

Mental Health

We can help individuals with stress management, depression, anxiety, anger, self-esteem concerns, identity development, multicultural issues, and interpersonal relationship issues, and trauma focused work.

We provide counseling/therapy to individuals of all ages for anxiety, depression, grief, and trauma recovery.

We have an outreach team that supports the various communities we are a part of. We enjoy doing presentations/workshops/support groups where we go into the community to provide education/awareness about important and relevant topics.


We are available to help provide support after a crisis event. For example, we were at Covington school the morning after the tragic death of student to suicide with counselors/therapists available.

We do proactive and preventative measures to create support around key topics

We are scheduled to go speak to the student body at another school about issues of bullying, coping skills, and the importance of mental health.

We did an online presentation about domestic violence for a local school not long ago.

Our passion is to support the students and their families but also the school staff and administrators.

Our emotional support animals are available during your appointment at our office and/or we have requests to bring them into the community for different events/needs.

We also work closely with first responders in supporting them through difficult events.
Erik Cisney, our mental health therapist and Leadership Director is willing to do the segment, if no other staff member is able to, but he will be coming from our Danville office and would have to reschedule clients. Therefore, we are double checking to make sure another staff member isn’t more readily available first.

We have offices in Danville, Mahomet, and Champaign. Our mental health team is diverse, and we offer a variety of specialties. Example: EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing for trauma-related issues), grief therapy, Mandarin and Spanish-speaking bilingual therapy, and more.

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