Seymour, Ill. (WCIA)

SpotOn is leveraging technology while also providing leading edge fraud protection to local small and medium sized businesses. People are often shocked to learn that we can take what normally is just a pesky bill and turn it into platform that helps their businesses serve local customers more effectively. I get paid to help businesses better serve their best customers while reducing costs and increasing revenue.

SpotOn and I help merchants by providing fair and transparent merchant processing services. Most small businesses don’t even know the name of their card processing rep and rarely see them. SpotOn and I provide not only technology but a local partner (me) who strongly believes in supporting local businesses. Local businesses deserve more. I can help them use technology to create better customer experiences and to help customers get special deals for keeping their business local.

SpotOn and I are once again sponsoring CountryFest in Seymour, IL. Also, we have a variety of free or very low cost, no contract opportunities. Any business that takes advantage of our free 2 month SpotOn card processing and customer engagement platform will be entered into a drawing to win a $50 Gift Certificate to Watson’s Shack & Rail (a SpotOn client).

PO Box 122
Seymour, IL 61875

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