Get Out of Town – Spain

It’s one of the most beauitful, historic places to visit with an amazing coastline of communities.  Let’s get out of town to Spain. 
Jennifer Wayland, owner for Island Travel Group shares insight about traveling around the country.
It’s all about the food no matter where my story veers, it always comes back to the food. And I am going to tell you the secret to having the best dining experience in Spain. 
First I want to say that I got these tips from our local bicycle tour guide.  Bicycle tours are my favorite way to tour. You get upclose and personal yet cover a great area in a short amount of time, with less effort.
Not only that, you get amazing amounts of useful tips from the local tour guides. We went on several bike tours and walking tours, befriending the tour guides, who were born and raised in the area and eager to share all of the best of the best in their city. 
Spain is well known for it’s tapas. For those of you that don’t know what tapas is,  tapas is small savory dishes. In Spain often times, in a restaurant the menu will list a dish and offer a tapas price and a full plate price.
To experience true Spanish dining, you must always sit at the bar. You get to see the food coming from the kitchen, and you make friends with the servers behind the bar that are not only serving drinks, but they ere very engaged and all have duties related to dining as well; one will be making the desserts, and another the cheese and meet platters.  And sometimes they will slip you some of the days favorite tapas to sample. We met so many wonderful servers and restaurant owners that were eager to hear ours and tell their own story. 
Before we got the “sit at the bar” tip from our bicycle tour guide, it was just a meal; after that, every meal was an awesome experience that left us wanting more.
Spain is also all about palaces and cathedrals.
The gold and biblical treasures of the cathedrals is stunning!
This is Christopher Columbus’ tomb. Remember, Christopher Columbus was a Spaniard.
There is no shortage of proof of the original Muslim culture, and the addition of Christian.
The landscape is breaethtaking I didn’t expect all of the extra large, extra full palm trees and low lying mountains.
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