Urbana, Ill. (WCIA)

Maria Ludeke, Personal Trainer, is back with tips on getting a full body workout in a short amount of time.

Not sure what to do for your workout, especially when you’re short on time? Try this full body flow. It will keep you focused with a clear end goal and the continuous pace will burn more calories. You will need two dumbbells and about 10-15 minutes to complete this challenge. You will be flowing through 4 movements but if you have more time you could add even more!

Start with one rep of each and the second round make it two reps and so on. Try to get to 10 reps of the full routine or 10 minutes of movement, whichever comes first. If you repeat this workout it will be easy to see improvement because you may be able to compete it faster or add additional moves.

The four moves are:

Bicep Curl
Weighted Squat (with weights racked at shoulders)
Rotational Shoulder Press
Weighted Rev Lunge

Begin by standing tall with two dumbbells. Your palms face forward as you curl the weights to your shoulders. Then sink into a squat. Upon standing rotate your palms to face forward as you press the weights to the sky. Bring the weights back down so your arms are long by your sides, step back into a reverse lunge. Come back to stand and do the other side, stepping back into a reverse lunge. That is one round. Begin again with the curls but do two reps of each move. Round three is three reps and so on. If you need to change to lighter dumbbells or skip weights all together as you go, that is ok!

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