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Maria Ludeke, Personal Trainer, shares tips on how to use a foam roller when it comes to your workout.

Here’s more from Maria:

It is important to stay motivated and accountable to your wellness goals by building safe, enjoyable, and effective training programs.

If you’ve been working out from home for a few years now and need some new ideas, grab your foam roller! Usually intended for sore muscle relief, a foam roller is a surprisingly versatile tool. Try these moves the next time you want a quick ab and glute burn.

Foam Roller Knee Tucks: Begin in a table top position with the foam roller under both knees. Slide back, extending your arms long overhead as the foam roller rolls up towards your hips. Pull back forward, tucking your knees into your chest and repeat. This is a challenging ab move that also massages your legs!

Foam Roller Hip Thrusts: Lying on your back, place the soles of your feet on a foam roller. Drive up through your heels into a hip thrust, release back down and repeat.

Foam Roller Plank: Position the form roller vertically in front of you on the floor. Place both hands on the foam roller (one will be in front of the other) in a plank position with your knees on the ground. To make it more challenging, lift your knees off the ground.

Build training programs to help you prevent injury, build strength and stamina, and enjoy your fitness routine. The most important part of any program is staying consistent so we want you to enjoy your workouts and focus on positive goals.

We support you reaching your wellness goals, so you can feel healthier and happier.

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