Hoopeston, Ill. (WCIA)

Dozer is Brad Swanson’s current foster dog and has been living with me since early December. He’s relatively young (2ish years old) and had spent a significant amount of time in the shelter before being broken out. He is the sweetest boy but does have some signs of emotional trauma from his time as a puppy and all of the time he spent at HART. He gets along really well with the rest of Brad’s pack and is house and crate trained!

How to help change a pet’s life:
ADOPT-Looking to add a permanent family member? Rescues and Shelters across the country are busting at the seams with homeless dogs, cats, and even bunnies, rats, and guinea pigs. Please note HART only has dogs and cats lol
FOSTER-Not looking to add anything permanent? But have space and time to help a homeless dog or cat learn about living in a home and socialize? Fostering is a great way to help!
VOLUNTEER-Can’t bring home a new family member, but still want to be hands on? We always need people to do laundry, clean kennels, attend events, transport, when the weather gets nicer we will need a clean up outside to beautify our exterior, organize storage stuff etc….
DONATE-Have old blankets, towels, pillows laying around (no fringe or holes please)? We always need replacements. Cat and Dog food, cleaning supplies, enrichment items, meds, are always needed as well….and tbh our volunteers would not mind the occasional pizza delivery at lunch time 🙂 And of course money is ALWAYS welcome.
SHARE-Just interacting with our posts by liking, commenting and sharing, helps so much by getting our name out there!

We are not yet open to the public. Appointments are necessary for adoptions, visit hartshelter.org for available pets and information. For other animal related issues, stray pets, or relinquishments please call 217 283 0779.