Champaign, Ill. (WCIA)

Rubber Band Shoot-Out

Equipment needed: 10 or more rubber bands, shoe box (or other target), masking tape

How many rubber bands can you shoot into the target in one minute?

Race against the clock or against another person

Set up a target (shoebox, tissue box, basket) with the opening facing toward you

Use masking tape to make a shooting line on the floor

On “GO” competitors have one minute to shoot as many rubber bands into the target as possible. Time stops when all rubber bands are in the target or one minute expires. Person to get all rubber bands into the target in the shortest amount of time, or the most in after one minute, is the winner

Cup Stacker

Equipment needed: 1 balloon per competitor, 5 plastic cups per competitor

Stand cups in a line on a table right side up

On “GO,” competitors will inflate their balloon up INSIDE a cup and, without using their hands, move it to the other side of the table. Cup must be placed back down on the table without using hands. Repeat this process until all cups are stacked on the other side. If a cup falls or a competitor uses their hands, the cup will be placed back at the beginning. The first person to stack all of their cups wins.

Congrats to the students at Potomac Grade School who participated in their 3rd annual PGS5K!