“Expanding Our Pawprint” Capital Campaign with Champaign Co Humane Society


The Champaign County Humane Society is launching its first capital campaign since construction was completed on its current facility in 1988.

According to CCHS Executive Director, Mary Tiefenbrunn, thirty years of daily use has taken its toll on the building that shelters over 1,500 animals a year. It’s time to do some deferred maintenance. Tiefenbrunn explains the impact of the facility expansion and renovation on shelter animals: “Over the past 30 years, the field of animal sheltering has matured and much has been learned about animal health and behavior and how the environment in which animals are housed impacts their physical and emotional well-being. Stressed animals are more susceptible to disease, and there are direct correlations between environmental conditions and stress. By improving the environment for shelter animals and the staff members who serve them, our animals will be healthier and adopted more quickly.”

Renovation and construction plans include: -Expanding the lobby and areas where cats, kittens, and small animals are on display for adoption by 1,600 sq. ft. The new animal housing will be designed to meet the physical and psychological needs of its occupants. -Refacing the old chain link dog kennels with modern materials to improve functionality and appearance. -Building a new 5,700 sq. ft. Education Building to provide space for dog training classes, education programs, volunteer training, and a variety of daily operational needs. -Enlarging the medical lab to provide separate exam areas for dogs and cats. 

Board of Directors: George Amaya Janice Bahr Danielle Bender Michael Biehl, DVM Jane Fox, DVM Michael Palazzolo Anthony Pendleton Jennifer Romine Kristen Sackley Shelby Stifle Darren Taylor Colleen Vojak 

-Installing a new heating and air conditioning system to improve air quality for animals. To fund the project, CCHS set a goal of raising $1,750,000. According to Tiefenbrunn, a volunteer capital campaign steering committee has been working for several months during the “quiet phase” of the campaign, soliciting gifts from major supporters and friends of the Society. Dr. Janice Bahr, CCHS board member and Capital Campaign Co-Chair, reports that the Committee and its volunteers have already raised over $1,000,000. Bahr says, “having exceeded the half-way benchmark, we’re now turning to the broader community and asking everyone who ever loved a dog, cat, rabbit, or guinea pig to help us reach our goal and support this effort to make sure our homeless pets are well cared for.”

For more information about the campaign, visit the Society’s website at www.cuhumane.org/capitalcampaign, or call 217-344-7297.

Background and Additional Information:

The Champaign County Humane Society is the County’s only open admission animal shelter and adoption facility. It receives no funding from municipal, county, state, or federal government. Capital Campaign Steering Committee Members: Janice Bahr & Mark Ballard, C-Chairs Cheryle & Jim Turner, Honorary Co-Chairs Michael Biehl Holly Clemons Leslie Lundy Stefanie Pratt Dwight & Marcia Raab Shelby Stifle Colleen Vojak Mary Tiefenbrunn, CCHS Executive Director Heidi Zulauf-Mulderink, CCHS Development Director Steve Pratapas, Fundraising Consultant

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