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Matt and Heather talk to Jennifer Wayland from Island Bridal about travel etiquette.

Jennifer makes the following recommendations on common courtesies while traveling. On the plane, please respect the flight attendants and they will respect you. They are there for your safety and to perform required duties. Their duties are often governed by the federal government, please pay attention to the safety video and all your announcements. Please pass them your garbage when they come through the cabin, and never leave your soiled tissues in the back pocket of the seat.

If your bag is too heavy for you to lift into the overhead bin, check it. If the bag is too heavy for you, chances are that it is too heavy for the flight attendants. Now, the nearby gentleman may see you struggling and offer to help, and that is perfectly fine to accept. Have your stuff ready when you get on the plane; often flight delays are simply due to a lengthy boarding process.

The person in the middle seat has the right-of-way to the arm rest. The person at the window has the right-of-way to the window, although should be considerate if the sun is blinding others or such. Keep in mind; flying is considered public transportation.

When you arrive at your hotel, the first people you are going to see are valet attendants. They take care of your car for you.  Tip them when they return your car to you, and not upon arrival. And standard tip is $2-3. The next people you will see are the bellman. They take care of your luggage for you. They take it from the car to the front desk to your hotel room. Standard tip is $1 per bag unless you pack a heavy bag, then you want to give them a little more.

Next stop is the front desk. Their goal is to check you in with ease and grace. Other than telling them your name, it’s a bonus for them and you if you have your reservation number.  Although they are a good source of information, for vital information, you will want to go to the concierge. They will help you with things like restaurant reservations, directions, or tickets to the theatre or a sporting event. Standard gratuity is $3-5. If they go above and beyond and get tickets to a sold-out venue or reservations at a restaurant it’s often impossible to get into, standard tip is $10-20.

Housekeeping’s aim is to make our home away from home as comfortable as possible. They are professionals that keep your room neat and clean. $2-3 per day is standard gratuity and you want to do that daily, so it gets to the right person. When they get you extra towels, pillows and toiletries, the standard gratuity is $1 per item.

When you get ready to leave, call the valet, have them connect you with the bellman, so they can come get your baggage while the valet retrieves your car, and you can leave in style without feeling like pack mule.

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