Enjoy locally grown lettuce from Kountry Fresh


White Heath, Ill. (WCIA)

Koss Family Farms is a multi-generational farm located outside of White Heath, IL. We grow fresh fish and lettuce in an integrated aquaponic system.

The fish live in tanks and we feed them a high quality diet so they grow and are healthy. The fish waste breaks down in natural biological processes and releases the nutrients that the plants need. The plants use the nutrients and clean the water as the water flows through the system back to the fish. The natural process results in premium quality fish and vegetables.

Benefits include:

-sustainably and locally grown

-no pesticides, herbicides or chemicals

-fresh fish and veggies available year-round

-lettuce and greens are free of dirt and grit

-fish are free of antibiotics and contaminants

-direct from our farm to your kitchen

-premium quality fresh food

Follow Koss Family Farms on Facebook HERE. Orders can be made via email kountryfreshorders@gmail.com or send us a private message through Facebook.

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