Champaign, Ill. (WCIA)

There is an increasing demand for end of life pet services. Many in the community may not be aware of the pet services offered at Sunset Funeral Home. With the loss of a pet, Sunset can assist with cremation, burial and memorialization. We coordinate with local veterinarians to provide convenient pickup for families and the pets never leave our care. We also offer a full line of pet urns, keepsake and cremation jewelry. Bryan, our Cherished Companion Support Assistant, feels that pricing and timing of when remains are returned are key factors in choosing Sunset.

Common questions are What is the cost? Do you provide an urn? Do you have urns for sale? How long before I receive the remains back? Cost varies based on the size of the pet. Urns are provided and we have a vast assortment in various shapes, sizes, colors and price points. Our goal is to relieve the emotional strain during this time of loss. Picking up the pet, expediting the service and returning the remains as quickly as possible is a valuable service we provide. The caring and compassionate care that Bryan is able to provide individuals truly sets us apart as well. Having experienced this loss on his own, he can relate to what they are feeling. He personally sends a condolence card home with every client so they know they are in thoughts and not alone in their grief.

Sunset has an onsite crematory. Pets never leave our care. We are unique in that we provide individual pet cremation, never as a group. Another unique feature are the burial spaces available at our beautiful Cherished Companions section at Sunset Memorial Park in Danville. Any funny or interesting stories? There was a client who lived in Decatur and Bryan offered to pick up her dog from the vet there, even though it was out of our area. She and Bryan talked about their losses and similar experiences. When the urn was completed Bryan offered to meet her in Decatur to present her with it. She was so grateful. She met me him at a local restaurant & offered to buy him a dessert. She gave Bryan a wonderful little angel figurine that was holding a sign that said, “Thank You”. It was so special to Bryan and this angel now watches over the urns for three of his own cherished pets.

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