Colfax, Ill. (WCIA)

The annual Farm Progress Show isn’t just a showcase of cutting-edge agricultural technology and practices; it’s also a platform that connects aspiring young minds with a world of opportunities. We recently we had the privilege of visiting Colfax, for a chance to sit down with two remarkable FFA seniors and their dedicated ag teacher, uncovering the profound impact agriculture has on their career aspirations.

Grace Getty, the Chapter President of the local FFA chapter, and Sara Kate Edwards, the Chapter Vice President, shared their stories of growth and inspiration. For them, agriculture isn’t just a field of study – it’s a passion that fuels their ambitions.

Guiding these future leaders is Ariel Bunting, an FFA Ag Teacher whose dedication goes beyond the classroom. She emphasizes how the Farm Progress Show provides a dynamic environment for students to network, learn, and explore potential career paths. The show, known for its innovation and diversity of exhibitors, acts as a bridge between education and the real world.