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Red Mask Players has brought live theater to the Danville and surrounding communities for 86 years. We will be discussing our upcoming production of Humble boy written by Charlotte Jones. This show was inspired by Hamlet (without the tragic ending), and modernized into a comedy. Director Amanda France will be in attendance and has vast knowledge of the theater, and is currently sits as 1st Vice president for the Red Mask board of directors. Lisa Strain has been performing with Red mask since her early teens and for over 20 years or more.

We are one of the only still running community theaters in downstate IL. The organization was started in 1936, and our theater building is named after the long time founding member and director Kathryn Randolph.

Directed by Amanda France
Stage Manager Eric France
Student Stage Manager Isaiah Easton
Producer Jamey Coutant

Ticketing information:
Ticket pricing: $20 for adults $18 for seniors and students
Purchase online HERE.

Show dates January 27-29, & February 3-5, 2023 at the historic Kathryn Randolph Theater.

Felix Humble returns to his family home in the countryside of England after receiving word of the death of his father, James Humble. Once he returns home, he discovers that his mother, Flora Humble, has got rid of all of her husband’s belongings, including the bees which he kept. The reunion of mother and son is not as pleasant as one would imagine; old animosities are sparked between the two. On top of that Felix, discovers that Flora intends to marry a man named George Pye, the complete opposite of the intellectual and passionate James. Flora sends her friend Mercy to befriend Felix and relay information back. Felix can see right through his mother’s devious agenda and finds that the gardener Jim, who is ignored by everyone, is the only one in whom he can confide. Felix reunites with an ex-girlfriend, Rosie Pye, who is the daughter of George Pye. Eventually, a confrontation occurs at a garden dinner party where Flora plans to officially announce her wedding to George. After a period of emotional outbursts, a moment of revelation occurs as Felix reminds Flora of the intelligence and devotion of James to his unfaithful wife.

Nathan Henderson
Nancy Henderson
Jim Gilmour
Donna Sant
Lisa Strain
Paul Strain

Intended for mature audiences only.

Humble Boy is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals Ltd.

Ticketing information:
Ticket pricing: $20 for adults $18 for seniors and students
To purchase online line: https://app.arts-people.com/index.php?show=139019

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