Clinical trial for cats with lung cancer seeks candidates


Dr. Alison Masyr is joining us to share information about a new clinical trial for cats that have lung cancer.

Last year our hospital opened a clinical trial for cats with mouth cancer, which is hard to treat in cats. The compound offered for treatment in that trial–called IB-DNQ–is the same one used in this new lung cancer trial.

This new anti-cancer agent (isobutyl-deoxynyboquinone, or IB-DNQ) was developed on the U of I campus by Professor Paul Hergenrother’s group in the Department of Chemistry. 

Dr. Hergenrother and our college’s cancer care team have worked together very successfully on another anti-cancer agent, PAC-1, which proved very helpful to dogs with cancer and is now in clinical trials with people who have brain tumors.

The success of IB-DNQ in treating cats could also lead to this compound being used successfully to treat people with cancer.

Dr. Masyr explains what type of cats may qualify for the new trial and how owners can get in touch with us.

Contact: Rebecca Kamerer, Clinical Trials Coordinator, (217) 300-6453;

More info can be found HERE. 

Purpose of Study:
Pulmonary carcinoma in cats is an uncommon cancer that unless caught early, carries a poor prognosis.  Surgery if possible is the recommended treatment, but many times disease the disease is too progressed for surgery and outcome is poor, justifying the need for new and non-surgical therapies. IB-DNQ is a novel anti-cancer compound that targets an enzyme called NQO1 that is found to be highly upregulated in feline pulmonary carcinomas. This study is to evaluate the effectiveness of IB-DNQ as a treatment for pulmonary carcinoma in cats.

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