Urbana, Ill. (WCIA)

CAGV (Citizens Against Gun Violence) was founded November 22, 2022, after being a victim of Gun Violence. Founder Johnathan Blake’s initiative is to bring door bell cams and technology to the Urbana/Champaign area. CAGV have provided in total 800 wireless door bell cams to the community with 300 on backorder and many many more people wanting them. CAGV have also put technology into the community with over 3,000 Tablets, and 250 Cell Phones.

Blake has received a lot of questions since the incident occurred. Blake listens and forwards the messages to the city council. Blake says the only way to battle this on going issue is to be proactive.

CAGV have free cell phones and the Amazon Fire HD Tablets available for individuals that receive food stamps, medical card, and or qualify for the Ebb, ACP Programs

CAGV is providing FREE services. The group also working to find other ways to make the community safer.

They have launched their newest location CAGV Coles County at Grose Appliance. CAGV have satellite locations in Decatur and Danville. Last month, launched CAGV in Houston, Texas. CAGV is looking to expand in other locations.

CAGV Urbana
1511 East Washington Suite C
Urbana IL 61802