Oh, Honey Pie shares their salted honey pies for National Winnie the Pooh Day


Leslie Till and Matt Doyle, owners of Oh, Honey Pie are here with a look at their mini salted honey pies in honor of National Winnie the Pooh day!

Here’s more from Oh, Honey Pie:
I think the most interesting thing about our business is that we are just regular folks who built our dream business from the ground up. Matt and his father did the build out on our truck, I designed the truck wrap and create the pie recipes. Matt handles most of the construction, tech work, and money aspects, while I focus on the recipies, communicating with customers, scheduling, and events.

We both come from families where cooking and eating are super important– both of us grew up with strict dinner times where we all gathered around the table, which doesn’t happen too often these days. We are also both local, having grown up and attended school in champaign.

We also work other jobs, as well. I’m an elementary ESL teacher while Matt is a stagehand at Krannert. We couldn’t have done all of this without the help and support of this community, especially the small business incentive program which provided us with reimbursement funds to start our business.

I think the coolest part about our business is that we did all this hard work on our own and didn’t have to go into debt doing it. 🙂 I want others to know that if you have a great idea to bring to your community, nothing should ever hold you back! There are so many resources in CU to help small businesses, especially women owned businesses or businesses located in high needs areas.

Our most frequent question is “where is the truck located?!” 
I worry this can be frustrating for our customers because we are not out and about too often, since we both are still working to keep food on the table. However, we hope to grow the business to full time next year and get a brick and mortar bakery where folks can get our pies (and more!) every day! 
We are almost always available for pre-ordered full size pies, (we sell our mini pies normally out of the truck) especially for holidays. We also love to be invited to events around town where we can bring the truck, and can do catering, weddings, etc.

We are a VERY small business. Our pies are touched by only four hands! When you support us, you are supporting a true local start up company and helping us to fulfill our dream of opening up our own bakery.

We also love our community so much and hope to do little promo events next summer like scavenger hunts throughout local businesses, pairing up with other businesses to offer discounts and deals, or some “feel-good” promos where we give away free pies to people who complete good samaritan tasks around town. We want to bring this community together and do some good in the world while we sell people pies! Pie makes the world go round.

I will say that once Spring rolls around and we have some better weather, we hope to get the truck out more often, at least on the weekends. During the summer we will be poppin’, though!

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