Champaign, Ill. (WCIA) –

Keri Offenstein, Community Education Specialist, with Two Roads Wellness shares how they help treat a wide range of presenting issues when it comes to mental health– from behavioral disorders in children, to depression in adults, family and couples’ issues, trauma/PTSD, Bipolar disorder, and more.

Here’s more from Two Roads Wellness:

We have specialists in a wide range of areas, and are adding more all the time. We have a holistic model that treats the whole person, not just the symptoms. We offer counseling but also nurse practitioner services, which means medication prescription and management (a model not often found in private practice counseling agencies). We are looking to partner all the time with other organizations (massage, chiropractic, etc) that offer holistic approaches and a complimentary approach to our services. I am the Community Educator for Two Roads Wellness, offering outreach and education services all over the community and in Danville and the surrounding areas. I am a licensed professional counselor and I give presentations to other businesses and providers, as well as members of the community, about a wide range of mental health issues and services. I also provide marketing and outreach for Two Roads. We have the goal of helping individuals and the community, and being a positive presence in every way we can.

We offer a very holistic model of mental health treatment. We have nurse practitioners at both of our Danville and Champaign locations, who can prescribe medication but who also look at the whole person (diet, lifestyle, sleep, etc) when treating mental health struggles. Our counselors have a wide range of expertise, from children to families to stress management, trauma care, depression, anxiety and more. Often people ask what they have to do to get into services, and the answer is all they have to do is call. People also want to know when they should seek out treatment, and the answer is that anyone who wants or needs a little extra help dealing with any situation in their life, past or present, is appropriate for counseling. We could all use support, and we are here to give just that. We help people be the best “them” they can be.

We have 2 emotional support animals available at our locations, Happy the Pug, and Gracie the Cat. They are delightful and warm animals, who help anyone struggling to feel comfortable opening up feel safer and more at ease in the counseling environment.

Our agency uses an integrative care model of mental health treatment, and employs several different counselors with different specialties, but also mental health nurse practitioners. This differentiates us from other private practices in that we have both the ability to provide medication prescription and also counseling, all under one roof. Our nurse practitioners also use GeneSight testing to determine which medications will be metabolized by your body most efficiently. It’s truly a one-stop place for mental health treatment! We even offer yoga classes in our Danville location.

We are celebrating one year of being open in our new Champaign location this July, and want to spread the word about our presence there. We have a beautiful office over at the Crossing on Windsor and Duncan, that offers a wide variety of counselors and expertise, appointments within one week (often the next day!), and take almost every kind of insurance possible. We also offer self-pay and sliding scale options, and have many different unique services not offered elsewhere (GeneSight testing, medication management, and counseling all under one roof).