Champaign, Ill. (WCIA)

Prairie Commons Business Collective shares a few ideas for those that like to shop early for Christmas, especially for the fellas in your life.

• Christmas in July is great for two main shoppers….those that want to purchase gifts in advance before the holiday rush and the long lines. OR…..people like myself that purchase something for someone and get really excited and then give them the gift now!

• Sometimes people say men, dads, grandpas, etc are difficult to buy for, but we have a few ideas.

S & S Heating LLC, located in Arthur, IL, is the premier alternative heating shop since 2005. They specialize in indoor and outdoor fireplaces, wood stoves, smokeless fire pits, Big Green Eggs grills.

-Another place that makes for great Christmas in July ideas is Das Holz Haus in Tuscola Illinois. It is the Premier showroom for fine, Amish cabinetry and furniture. Average turnaround time for custom work is over a year. BUT they have created two premier lines of furniture and cabinetry that has streamlined the decision making.

-Instead of 30 stains and dozens of wood species, they have paired the selection down to items that can easily sourced.
-So what that means is that you could order your brand new amish handcrafted dining room table and chairs OR kitchen cabinets within 12 weeks! Not your typical 6-9 months if you opt for more elaborate wood and door styles.