Champaign, Ill. (WCIA)

Noah Lukach’s bright and beautiful smile lit up the finish line of our annual 5K for nine straight years. Sadly, Noah passed away in March of 2020 due to a respiratory illness. To keep Noah’s memory and legacy alive and well in the local community, his family has teamed up with the Christie Clinic Illinois Race Weekend team to create a new “event” associated with the 5K.

Through Walk, Run, & Roll with Team Noah, people with disabilities will be able to complete the 5K with their caregivers and/or family and friends. They will experience the thrill of race weekend, as Noah did, and the joy of leading a healthy and active lifestyle. Eighty (80) individuals plus one caregiver/family member will receive complimentary entry into the 5K as well as special Team Noah shirts, and other goodies.

There isn’t a running event in our area that is supporting a program to bring our race experience to individuals with disabilities.

Race weekend April 28-30. The 5K, with the Walk, Run & Roll with Team Noah program is on Friday, April 29. Race start time is 7:30.