Champaign, Ill. (WCIA)

CHM Bible Theatre will be presenting a fundraising dinner through a dinner theater later this month.

Here’s more from CHM Bible Theatre:

We are a community arts & theater 501c3 nonprofit organization that provides Bible and inspirational plays for the community. Our organization is very diverse and allows artistic individuals between the ages of 5-80 years old to participate in our productions. They come from neighborhoods within the community, churches, schools, the university, theater, and other community youth programs.

We help the artistic and creative individuals use their God-given talents as well as skills, experience, and creative abilities in our plays and programs. This provides unity in the community through churches, schools, and races all come together to express themselves through the arts. We see so many communities divided these days and we want to allow people who love the arts to come together.

We allow anyone to participate who is gifted in arts. They can be amateurs looking for an opportunity to use their creative abilities as an outlet to express themselves. The good thing is that this is a community project so this gives a chance for anyone looking for entertainment and inspiration to be a part of something positive, spiritual and fun while at the same time, providing unity. They get to act, give, create and enjoy the arts. A great opportunity for the youth in our community too.

CHM Bible Theatre will be presenting a fundraising dinner through a dinner theater. To be held at the IHOTEL in the Alma Mater Room on Saturday, August 20 @ 3pm. Tickets are selling fast so anyone interested should purchase their tickets now as seating is limited.

CHM Bible Theatre
PO Box 7604, Champaign, IL 61826;;